Makes Weight Loss simple

Willpower. For most of us, it’s the reason that ‘simple’ equation never quite adds up.

When you’re faced with temptation wherever you go it’s hard to stick to your diet. And when you’re short of energy, getting active can seem like an impossible chore.

Losing weight is simple when you add Zotrim to the equation

Simple weight loss with Zotrim

By helping you break your bad eating habits, Zotrim enables you to cut your daily calorie intake with ease. Its invigorating effect will motivate you to get active and burn off some calories. And best of all, Zotrim’s unique, natural formula is backed by clinical studies proving it works.

Remember that equation? It’s not looking so difficult now, is it?

Lisa and Jane’s Weight Loss Journey

Find out what happens when Lisa and Jane want to lose weight. You’ll be amazed at the difference Zotrim made for one of them!

Success Stories

Heidi Lambeth dropped 6 Dress Sizes

”Zotrim has helped me to better manage the way I eat. My husband calls me a ‘yummy mummy’ now! And he’s lost weight too because of the smaller portion sizes I now serve up.”

Sharon Briers now Wears 10

“Zotrim is so simple to work into my busy life and it’s so effective at helping me eat less. I found I was able to eat normally again because I wasn’t overeating or snacking in between meals.”

Louise Hilborne was 90 kg, now Wears Size 12

“I’d tried lots of weight loss pills before but nothing worked, so I didn’t really believe Zotrim would work either, but it was the best decision I’ve made in years. What helped me the most was the difference it made to my energy levels.”

Seven Steps to Slimming Success

You’ll find losing weight even easier when you follow these seven simple steps to success. Our tips will show you how to keep your weight loss on track and keep off the pounds.

Zotrim. It's Your Simple Weight Loss Formula

  • Eat Less Calories by Breaking Bad Eating Habits
  • Reduce Hunger Cravings and Snacking Between Meals
  • Reduce Meal Sizes and Feel Fuller for Longer
  • Become More Active and Burn More Calories
  • Lose Weight Without the Struggle

Manage your weight your way

Don’t let hunger dictate the success of your diet. Weight loss is simple with Zotrim.

There’s more…

Zotrim Plus

High fibre drink mix

All of Zotrim’s ingredients in a great tasting drink mix. It’s got all the benefits of Zotrim and it increases your dietary fibre intake for a healthy digestive system.