7 Steps to Success!

Shedding those pounds is awhole lot easier with Zotrim.

Follow our Seven Steps to Success to make sure you keep that weight off for good!

1. Get Food Smart

Eat a high fibre breakfast like porridge or bran flakes. It will keep you fuller for longer and help tide you over ‘til lunch.

Don’t skimp on lunch. You’ll only wind up craving a mid-afternoon snack. Bulk it up a bit but opt for reduced fat options.

Get home-cooking. A jacket potato with baked beans or stir-fry with egg noodles is cheap, quick, easy and nutritious.

2. Get Moving

Start small. Dance to the radio, take the stairs two at a time, ditch the bus and walk. If it gets your heart pumping, it’s working.

Exercise doesn’t have to be boring. Take a Zumba class with a friend or take the children swimming at the weekend.

Create a goal that’s not about weight loss. A charity run ticks all the feel-good boxes and is the perfect goal to work towards.

3. Go Easy When Eating Out

Don’t be afraid to eat out, but do practice your damage limitation skills. Skip the bread and go for low calorie starters such as soup rather than the deep fried camembert.

Having an Indian? Share a portion of rice, give the naan bread a miss and choose tomato-based sauces over creamy, coconut based ones.

A slice of cheesecake can contain up to 700 calories. So unless you’re having a scoop of sorbet, or a fruit-based pudding, ditch the desert until you reach your goal.

4. Lose the Liquid Calories

Watch the alcohol – a couple of glasses of wine can contain around 600 calories. Try spritzers or spirits with low-calorie mixers.

Switch to skimmed milk. You’ll lose most of the fat but none of the calcium.

If you can’t give up the soft drinks, ensure that you stick to diet or sugar-free only.

5. Become a savvy Snacker

If hunger does come calling in between mealtimes, try and stick to snacks like Ryvita and cottage cheese or a low fat yogurt with granola.

Plan ahead so you have healthy options readily available. But don’t stockpile or you’ll be tempted to overdo it!

Size is everything. If you really can’t resist and need to indulge, avoid muffins and cakes and go for a small packet of (reduced-fat) crisps or a single finger of chocolate bar.

6. Beat the Plateau

Scales sticking? Small tweaks to your diet and exercise routing can make all the difference here. Step up your exercise intensity a little. Try a spinning class or interval running.

Caffeine boosts your metabolic rate, so coffee, tea, Diet Coke and green tea along with the caffeine in Zotrim will give your metabolism a gentle nudge.

Keep a food diary to help you keep track of the calories you’re eating. Studies show that dieters keeping a food journal lose more weight than those who don’t.

7. Keeping it Off
Congratulations! You’ve achieved your goal weight! Now, to keep you there…

Keep moving. Long term successful dieters maintain two things after losing weight: their exercise habit and healthy eating changes.

Return to your food journal if you think you’re going off the rails. It will help you stay on the right track.

Stick with Zotrim. By always keeping a pack of Zotrim handy you’ll have help right at hand if old eating habits start creeping back in and you find your jeans getting snug!

Successful slimmers choose Zotrim

For weight loss without the struggle, start following our 7 steps and order Zotrim today.